Friday, September 25, 2009

Women's roles

I think about the role of women in our society all the time and am often preoccupied by it as I construct my female characters. I've never cooked a family meal in my life and hubby and I have had the absolute role reversal since we've been married. I had a successful corporate career and grew a business, while he stayed home, looked after the house, kids and cooked for all of us. I remember my son coming home from one of his first play dates. He was astonished. He told me his friends mother actually knew how to cook! It really hit home at that point that our kids have really had a different perspective to many other families. I try to instill in all our kids, our daughters in particular, a belief that anything for them is possible, that nothing is out of their reach. I always have a giggle when I see some of those pictures from the 50s reinforcing the traditional stereotypes, so when I saw this picture I couldn't resist. I am not one for absorbing all of the funnies that abound out there and passing them on (my family know not to send any of that to me), but with this one, I couldn't resist.

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