Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1 down, 1 to go (contests that is)

I figured when it rolled around to 2 pm Eastern time today with no email or phone call that I did not final in the SF Heart to Heart contest (not that I was checking every 10 minutes or anything). I received an email later in the afternoon with a summary of the finalists and my name wasn't on the list. Imagine that? I don't accept failure easily (and that's how I initially viewed this). I'm an over achiever. Always have been. Truthfully (and probably arrogantly), I thought writing would be no different. It's not that things have been easy. I've worked my ass off for everything I've accomplished, but when I set my mind on something I succeed. Writing is so different to anything else I have attempted. In many ways it's totally subjective and the time frames between key milestones can be vast and can result in having to go back to square one. Am I disappointed? YEP. Am I down? SOME. Am I discouraged? NO (OK, maybe just a little). I'm going to eagerly look forward to receiving the written feedback and look at it with an open mind. That was the primary reason I entered anyway; not to win. But, hey I'm also competitive! Tomorrow is another day with another contest announcement (gulp!). The good news? I'm not nervous about the result any longer. It is what it is.

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