Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I was procrastinating!

Yes, I should have been writing but I added this cool countdown to the Golden Heart contest. It looks way cooler than the effort it took to get it working but it is my constant reminder I better get my ass into gear if I want to enter. It's a bit much to count down to the second, but alas I couldn't find one that was any simpler (and every second probably really counts anyway)! I've decided I will enter the ms I wrote last year (once I revise/polish again) AND my current ms (the one I submitted to Harlequin as a partial). I figure this contest is probably the most prestigious one out there for this genre for unpublished authors and I'm going to go at it with both barrels blazing (or both manuscripts hopefully rocking the house). I can't help my over active brain imagining both being finalists and how I could bask in that glory for a long time. How cool would that be?? OK, back to reality with my butt on my seat and actually writing. I'm considering unplugging the Internet for a day (or maybe 10)!

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