Monday, May 28, 2012

What Women Want - A Special Guest & A Giveaway!!

I have a special guest on my blog today, Keri Ford. Keri writes sexy, country, contemporary romances and is celebrating her latest release, Rough Ride. Take it away, Keri!.

Thank you Kaily so much for inviting me here today for a stop on my Roughneck Blog Tour!

I’m dishing on things women want. And not the movie. But in general. What do we want?

Me? With a husband, toddler and a dog—I want a maid! Have someone in to wash my clothes, clean my house, bathe my dog. Now that’s the stuff. Practical stuff. Either that or I’m just lazy.

We’ll stick with practical.

Gretchen Jones, heroine of Rough Ride isn’t so much into material needs like I am. She just wants someone to fill that empty space in the bed next to her. Lightly snore during the middle of the night to have something else to listen to besides the whine of the air conditioner and hum of the refrigerator. Feel a heartbeat against her back. His breath on her shoulder. Someone to beat the loneliness.

Not just any man will do. She wants Lane Iverson. And to get him, she’s going to have to work for it. In her own way, on her own terms. Terms Lane isn’t sure he can resist!

Leave me a comment! Let me know what YOU want! Today’s winner gets an ecopy of And She Liked It by Voirey Linger. Thanks so much Voirey for donating your book to my tour! Learn more about Voirey at her website, twitter and Facebook!

You do for family, no matter what. Lane Iverson knows that better than anyone. Harboring a secret about his mother’s death, Lane is counting the days until he finishes helping his brothers with some work and can head back to his hiding hole hours away. As long as he doesn’t have to face his three brothers every day, the guilt is easier to carry.

There is only one thing that can risk his plan. All of five foot tall with these deep eyes and a voice that shudders through him. The completely addicting, Gretchen Jones. She’s been watching him the entire time he’s been in town. With courage from her friends behind her, she confronts what she wants. To her surprise, that’s the easy part. Keeping her heart protected when she knows he’ll be leaving? Not so easy, but her only choice.

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Well, now know what I want! I want to read that book :). Check out Keri's website for more information about her books and The Roughnecks Blog Tour with all the giveaway, sneak peeks and blog stops:

You can also connect with Keri:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Got Blurb

Yay!! I have the blurb for Rise of Hope, book 1 in my Fabric of Fate paranormal romance series. Whew! That's a mouthful. I can't tell you how excited I am for this book. It's the first in a 5-book series about a secret race of humans. They can do really special things and are fighting against an enemy they barely understand. Oh, and there's kissing and stuff. Maybe even more than kissing ;). I can't give too much away, but I can share the blurb. It might be tweaked a little from here, but this is pretty much it:
A secret ancient race of humans with fantastical abilities, the Vadïm are on the brink of extinction. Many of their women are imprisoned by an organization known as The Assembly, their history all but lost . . .

Devon Monroe has been a prisoner her entire life. She’s determined to make sense of the strange markings on her body, to learn why no one may touch her, to find where she belongs. That means escaping into the unknown, where she has no choice but to trust her self-appointed protector.

Soldier for hire Seth Eastman has a job to do: deliver Devon to safety. When Seth discovers the markings on Devon’s body, he’s stunned at what it means. And at how she awakens his long-suppressed needs. As they struggle to escape detection and search for the truth of the Vadïm, can he ever hope to claim her for his own?

Below is just one of the many pictures I used as inspiration for Seth. I'll share some of the others over the next couple months. Some of the hotter ones ;).

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wanna Score Some Great Stuff?

Most of those in the writing community know about the Brenda Novak Auction for the Cure of Diabetes 2012! It's been going now for several years and it's purpose is to raise money towards diabetes research. It's such a wonderful cause and the items available are just fabulous. Seriously. Fabulous! There are items for readers and writers alike and everyone in between. The auction runs through the end of May with some items up for bid throughout the entire period, others come up for a specific day, so it pays to keep a close eye on it.

I have my own personal connection to diabetes. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy (twins!) where prior I had no issues. Although I'm now fully recovered, I was able to experience for that peroid of time, in a small way, what it's like to be diabetic. And it aint fun, let me tell you. For a needle phobic? Having to test blood 4 times a day? Torture LOL. Just like a lot of people, there is diabetes in my family as well. It probably affects most people at some stage either directly or indirectly, right?

I'm fortunate now that I'm in a position to contribute myself to this wonderful auction. I have 3 items out there for bid:

I was one of a group of Carina Press authors who donated 2 Kindles to the auction. They're also loaded with a BUNCH of ebooks!
Amazon Kindle 3G
Amazon Kindle Fire/with Cover

I also donated my time for a first chapter/30 page critique!

AND I donated an awesome and amazing Steampunk 8GB USB drive! It also doubles as a pendant.

What are you waiting for? GO! Because it's such a wonderful cause, I'd appreciate it if you'd spread the word :).