Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life Happens

Well, I had all these amazing intentions once the kids were all back at school of doing a shit load of writing and finally be able to sit down and just get it down. The reality? Far from that! STUFF just happens that gets in the way of devoting myself to my computer, important stuff, time sensitive stuff, kid and school related stuff and writing just seems to be the thing that can too easily be pushed aside. My son just started 4th grade and getting him into the swing of things relative to a substantially changed (and greater) homework schedule had me sitting with him till 10:00 pm last night. I already did school for God's sake! Hopefully once he settles he will get more independent. I sat down today and drafted a calendar for the rest of the month with specific goals marked because I have a draft novel I want to complete by the end of September. I think laying it out like that helped my analytical brain and breaking it into smaller specific goals by every couple of days helped. It sure looked pretty anyway! We'll see how I stick to it and how much more life can interfere with what I want, need, have to do!

BTW, looking at the calendar reminded me that it's almost a month since I sent my partial into the editor. I try not to look, I try not to count and wonder, but it's a losing battle I guess. Maybe, I start a automated counter so I don't have to wonder anymore???

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