Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Know what I did last night?

I posted a little while ago that one of my books was selected by a small, local book club and that they had invited me to attend their meeting. Well, it was last night and OMG I had the best fun! I think there's something about the prospect of discussing a hot and steamy read that has inhibitions and tongues loosening LOL. At least for these ladies, unless they're like that all the time :). Of course, it could have also been the alcohol!

They had a theme for the food, which was aphrodisiacs. How appropriate. I can't tell you how elaborate and awesome the food was. I was simply blown away. Not the mention...cucumber martinis and...champagne. Champagne! I think I seriously need to get out more LOL.

Firstly, I wasn't sure which particular book had been selected for them all to read because most of them had read more than one! Yay!! One woman was happy to let me know she'd read PAY UP twice, just to make sure she didn't miss anything the first time :)!! Yay her!

I do think some might have thought that just because I write hot that made me an expert on sex and that I must watch porn. So not true LOL. I got some great comments and questions though and I thought I'd share a sample of my favorites:
  • "You don't look anything like I expected you to look."
  • "Is your husband good looking?"
  • "Are your books your own fantasies?"
  • "How do you do your research?"
  • "How do you start writing?"
  • "How do you come up with that stuff?"
  • "Oh, there's a plot in the book?"
  • "I was surprised that there was a happy ending in a book like this."
  • "Do you think your books will be turned into movies one day?"
I had to stay on my toes to respond to and answer those and others. Overall, it was great to have the opportunity to talk to readers directly and in person, especially readers who might not have read in this genre otherwise. I hope I managed to change perceptions and squash myths, at least in a small way about erotic romance. Ladies, thank you so much for such a fun and interesting evening and the food was simply DIVINE!!


  1. HEY KAILY!!

    Sounds like you had a hum-dinger of a time! Wished I lived that side of the coast so I could have been one of the fans quizzing you. ;) You are just incredibly awesome, lady!

  2. How awesome! I look at it as sex is part of life and a healthy relationship...erotica is just writing about male/female relationships in a more detailed fashion. I'm glad that you had such a great time and were well received.

  3. Sounds like a great opportunity to connect with your writers and inform them about our genre!

  4. Hi, Sarah! It was great fun. Can't wait to meet up with you one of these days!

    Dreama, it was a blast.

    Jennifer, yeah I felt a bit like an advocate and educator all rolled into one!!

  5. Sounds fun and exciting. A good way to connect with readers too. Good for you!

  6. Sounds like you had a blast! What a fun experience, and a great platform for setting the story straight on hot romance. Boy, some of those questions ;).

  7. Kaily - it sounds as if a fun time was had by all. The group sounds awesome and the questions made me chuckle.