Thursday, March 10, 2011

Giveaway Time!

To celebrate the release of PLAY ME tomorrow (March 11), I wanna have some fun! I have 5 calendars to give away. Yes, 5!!! The calendars feature the fabulous Jimmy Thomas. Jimmy has been on over 1,000 romance novel covers (and counting) and epitomizes the romantic hero, regardless of genre. His pictures are also smokin' hot and trust me...not a hardship to look at. Who wouldn't want a new image of Jimmy to drool over appreciate every month? Just don't blame me if you end up leaving one month showing way past it's end date :). On top of all that, Jimmy seems like a really nice guy and he loves animals. BTW, 2 of the calendars I'm giving away are autographed by Jimmy himself!'s how the contest will work for 4 of the calendars:
  • It starts now and runs through March 24 at midnight (eastern).
  • I'm extending the end date to Sunday, March 27 at midnight because I'll be on a school field trip to the Miami-Dade fair all day Friday. I'll post winners on Monday March 28!! More chances to win, right?
  • Comment here on my blog or on Facebook on any of my posts during the giveaway period to earn 1 entry.
  • If you follow my blog (or already do), you get an additional entry.
  • If you friend me on Facebook (or we're already friends), you get an additional entry.
  • All the entries will be put into a jar (or a barrel, depending) and 4 will be drawn randomly. One of these will get the autographed calendar. Obviously, the more entries you have, the more chance you have of winning.  
  • I'll announce the winners on my blog on March 25 (once I figure out how to track all this LOL).
  • I'll ship anywhere :). This is not just limited to US/Canadian residents!
So, what about calendar number 5?? I'm doing something special/different for the final autographed calendar. To be in the drawing for this one, simply check out Jimmy's calendar site here and let me know which of the calendar months (January through January) has my favorite picture of Jimmy. Easy, right? If there is more than 1 correct answer, I'll draw a winner at random from the correct entries. Same time frames as the giveaway above and winner will be announced on March 25 as well.

Clear as mud, right? Thought so :). Have fun!


  1. Since Jimmy is a gorgeous hunk, and you are a fantastic writer, I would love to have one of these calendars!!!!!!

  2. Perfect my NY Firefighter calendar needs replacing :)

  3. always wanted to stare at a hunk month after month.....

  4. I have to say my favorite is March (hope it matches yours) looks so inviting to climb in and cuddle up!!!!

  5. Congrats, Kaily! I forgot your release was so close!! Great idea to give away the calendar!

  6. wohoo awesome comp! and congrats on your new release!!

  7. Uhuuu, that's so cool. I want. I want. I want.

    I'll guess, that your favorite month (just like mine) it's September.

    Luck y'all.

    And congratulations on your new release.

  8. I say MArch cause it's my favorite :)

  9. I have to tell you my favorite line from Play Me was, “You, ah, don’t really have a brother, do you?”

    Savoring the book for a few days before I write my review. (Okay, I want to wait until I'm not totally PMSing and can enjoy the full benefits of your writing...LOL)

  10. Oh, thanks Booksilly!
    Diane, wouldn't want you to run out of visual stimulation!
    Chele, yeah...who wouldn't :)? That's why I kept one of them for myself LOL.
    Thanks, Kaye and Kerrin!!
    September, huh, Dyllan? Thanks!
    Jennifer, you say March? Thanks for entering.

    LOL, Dreama. You read it already!? Awesome. That's a favorite line of mine too! *snicker*

  11. LOL! How about June? I wonder what's under that kilt? ;)

    Thanks for celebrating with us, Kaily! Congrats on your latest--yummy!

  12. Awesome contest! Congrats on Play Me's release! :)

  13. Thanks for entering, flchen1 and thanks on the book!!

    Cari, thank you!

  14. Would love to win, please enter me. Love your stories, Pay UP and Picture This. will be looking for more. lisagk at yahoo dot com

  15. That man is just DELICIOUS!!! Not sure my heart could handle having the calendar, but I'm hoping to win anyway! LOL

    I LOVE April (my bday month & sooo hot!) But I'm going to guess your fave is March, No April, No August, September, ARGH! I'm going with all of them!!!!!

    Also, I already had you on my FB, but apparently you've gone missing from my page. I'm now a follower again. Hmmm FB is a puzzle somedays!!! :0)

  16. I'm hoping your favorite is mine, which is April. Oh my the plot bunnies I could spin from that one.

    I will say I'm pleasantly surprised. September (my bday month) typically doesn't get a lot of good images, but oh my WORD!

    It would look oh so awesome next to my Studs & Spurs calendar, just sayin

  17. I've never had a man candy calender ... :) I think I want hehehe

  18. my bad, I forgot to add that I'm picking March from the Calender, only because it's well HOT and March is my birthday month :P Fingers crossed its your favourite as well.

  19. Great Contest. He looks so yummy!
    I follow your blog and I am friends with you on facebook.
    I like the cover, January, March or June. I'm going to guess that you like. . . March.

  20. It's so hard to decide. There are quite I few I like. :) I think my favorite is April.
    I don't know if my hubby will like me drooling over the calendar. :)

  21. Lisagk, thank you on the books. Glad you liked them!
    Hotcha, you said it :).
    Kirsten, glad to connect with you again. Just take deep breaths LOL.
    Hey, Sasha! Thanks for stopping by. Studs and Spurs, huh? :)
    Vivienne, thanks for entering!!
    Jessica, March seems to be quite popular ;)
    JoAnna, it is functional too, you know!

  22. im gonna say march lol i know im torn between it and april

  23. Hi Kaily

    You all ready know I adore your books but I ll say it again you rock and I cant wait to read your next masterpiece !!

    I would have to say March I hope that matches up with yours. I just adore this contest I have always wanted to own one of these calanders but have never been able to get my hands on one. Every birthday and christmas comes and goes but not quite lol!!

    Stunning contest ,congratz on all your success and thank you so much for opportunity to win this beyond stunning prize your amazing !!

    Take Care

  24. I cant wait to read your next masterpiece !!
    But i will if I have too The Best comes to those who wait upon the Writer!....Jay

  25. Okay, Kaily. I can't resist a guess...I think yours is April. It just looks like it could be the cover of one of your books.

  26. That is one hot man. Morning Kaily I love August picture but all of them are hot.


  27. Shelli, they're some hot months all right!
    Thank you, Desere! YOU rock for being so sweet. Thanks for playing :).
    Jay, I'm working on it as I type this. Well, it's open in another window and right after this...back to it!
    LOL, Rula. I can imagine that too easily.
    Terra, he's hot and he also seems really nice. What a lethal combination, huh?

  28. What a nice mixture for a hunk! So what to call him? Super hunk?

  29. I will vote for September, though I'm wondering it's a trick question and your favorite is really the cover ;-). Let's see...I could hang this is my office, I'm sure my officemates (all guys) would totally love that! LOL

  30. Congrats on the new release Kaily! AND....from what i see, every single month's pic is exceptional so I'm just going to take a wild guess and say that your favorite month is March! Or maybe June...or December...LOL Nope, I'm sticking with March :)

    Deb Woods

  31. Thank you Kaily and your very welcome thanks for the great giveaway I can hardly contain myself in waiting for the winner to be posted!

  32. Nas, super hunk works for me!

    Dreama, LOL. No trick question. It will be one of the months!

    Deb, yeah the calendar overall is pretty awesome, but I do have a favorite!

    Thanks, Desere! I love seeing what everyone has been guessing!!!

  33. Calling, Terra!! You won an autographed calendar!! Please contact me so that I can mail it out to you.

  34. Oh wow thank you so much Kaily for the authographed calendar. It is a awesome gift from a awesome author.