Monday, March 28, 2011

And the rest of the winners are...

I ended up with a LOT of entries. More than I thought I'd have and tracking became...challenging :). Thanks to everyone who commented, followed and friended me! I really appreciate it. Now, drum roll please....

The 4 winners of fabulous Jimmy Thomas calendars are...

                                            Celia Kyle
                                            Regina Carlysle
                                            JoAnne Kenrick
                                            Desere Steenberg

And the autographed copy goes to JoAnne!!

Congratulations, ladies. Again, I'll try and track you down, but send me your mailing details at and I'll get your calenders out to you as soon as I can!!! Thanks for playing!

** If anyone is interested in how I arrived at the winners, I dumped all the posts, friend and follow lists into a spreadsheet and used EXCEL's RANDBETWEEN function to return 4 numbers randomly corresponding to the row number of the entrant. I used the same method to determine who would win the remaining autographed calendar. Yeah, I know. I can't help it. There's a post circulating around somewhere about me and spreadsheets. What can I say? I have a computer background and I LOVE spreadsheets :).


  1. congrats to the hoo to me...i guess i will just have to purchase it to drool...but thanks Kaily for the intro to him....

  2. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! THANK YOU KAILY !!!! Emailed my mailing address to you !

  3. Congrats, 'spreadsheet' winners! Um, bit of a pun in there, Kaily? LOL.

    BTW, I checked out August on the calendar. Oh yeah, great back!

  4. Congratulations Celia, Regina, JoAnne and Desere! :)

  5. Congratulations to the winners!