Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Introducing a new blog feature - WIP it Wednesday!

I've been thinking lately how I could do more with my blog. The Just Published features prove to be VERY popular. Even though there's not a great deal of comments, there are a LOT of lurkers that stop by, which is thrilling.  I'm not sure, but this might be more interesting and informative to other writers and/or those aspiring to be published. I have a few ideas still to work through, but so far I've come up with WIP it Wednesday. Every (or every other) Wednesday I'll post something from my current WIP. It won't be large, but I'll pick from the page I'm working on or from a section that's particularly struck me as I've been writing. Already, I sometimes post a line I liked or a small snippet on Facebook or Twitter, but doing it here will give me more room to work with and I can leave in all my punctuation! I'm hoping this will serve a couple of purposes. It will (hopefully) provide visitors with a glimpse of what and how I write (keep in mind these will be unedited snippets!). Plus, it will make sure I actually HAVE something to share on these days :).

I'm loving the book I'm working on right now. It's tentatively titled PIN DOWN, but that could change. Possibly at any moment. It has a hot (of course), 'militaryish' guy named Nash who thinks the last thing he needs is to have ties to any one place. Or any one woman. Until he meets Lexi. She turns him on. Okay, that doesn't surprise him, but she also makes him laugh and that almost knocks him on his ass. Look out Nash because pretty soon a certain town with a cute, sharp-tongued blond looks awfully appealing!

Hey, I think I might have just written a partial blurb! Thanks, guys!! Anyway, here's the snippet:

     “You got a nick name then?” Lexi tried again.
     “Yeah, you don’t want to know.”
     “So, what should I call you? ‘Oh, baby, oh yeah, baby’ might get a bit old after awhile. Besides, I like to be more original than that.”
     He laughed. He couldn’t help it. He couldn’t say when he’d met someone who could make him laugh as much as she could. Not that he thought she was trying to. She was just being herself.
     “Nash. You can call me Nash.”


  1. Thanks, Cara. Not the most original, but I hope interesting and it will give people a peak inside my process, style and writing.

  2. Kaily, I think it's a great idea! And the peek is cool. :-)

  3. Love the idea, Kaily...and your 'partial blurb' and snippet!

  4. i love your snippets! they are so fun!!

  5. I like your heroine already. The smart mouth every guy would like to meet!

  6. Thanks! I had some good hits so I think the interest level is there :)!

  7. This is a good idea.

    There is also something going around called 'six sentence sunday' many authors join in and post just six sentences from there current wip or from one of their stories. They do this on their own blogs and others who are involved stop by each blog to comment. Interesting. And would pull readers to a blog, I'd think.