Sunday, September 5, 2010

Got Edits?

Well, I finalized my edits and PAY UP is awaiting a cover, release date, official blurb and excerpt!! My second book will be out soon from Ellora's Cave and I couldn't be more thrilled. I'm so excited for this story because it's the first 'friends to lovers' story I've ever written. It's also the first firefighter hero I've done and Rio is one HOT man in uniform (or out of it)! This is quite a bit longer than PICTURE THIS and I enjoyed the luxury of having some more words to tell a bigger story. As soon as I have news I'll post more details, but thought I would post a teaser excerpt:

  “Yes, yes, Rio, yes…oh…God, yes…”
   Not again.
   Carly felt heat flare in her cheeks, not to mention the other parts of her body. It washed over and through her all at once, leaving her weak, her breathing unsteady and just plain…hot.
   What the hell did Rio do to get them to moan and scream and gasp that way? She’d never called out like that in the throes of passion or anywhere else for that matter. She was also pretty sure it wouldn’t have been with that sense of utter abandon or lack of regard for who might hear her. And let’s face it, she just wasn’t that great an actress.
   One of the reasons she’d bought her condo in this building was for its construction, specifically the interior concrete walls. It should have been impossible, but some freak design with the ventilation system meant…they had to be going at it up against the entry wall that backed directly onto hers. Why hadn’t that occurred to her? They’d barely made it past his front door, before…
   Carly inhaled quickly at the sharp pull low in her abdomen. She swore she could hear a faint rhythmic thumping and muffled groans too, but it could just as easily be her imagination taking over. It didn’t take much to have her picturing Rio’s big body and what he was doing with it to get that kind of response. God, he’d be hot and sweaty, his big body gleaming with exertion, his dark hair damp and sticking up where urgent hands had been buried in it, maybe holding on to him, urging him on. He’d have his shirt off, but maybe he’d been impatient, unfastening his pants just enough, having thrust them down roughly so he could—
   She took a deep, shaky breath. She really, really needed to get a life. Unfortunately, she’d heard the whispers and giggles for a long time about how awesome Rio was in bed. About how built he was…down there, and about how he knew his way around a woman’s body like few guys did. Hearing the evidence of it for the second time in a week didn’t help.


I also wouldn't be honest if I didn't say it's a nice to relief to know my first book wasn't a fluke LOL!

So, what's next? I'm putting the finishing touches on a third book. Gabe is burned out and used up until Lily provides a much needed breath of fresh air and a touch that he didn't know he was craving. It's been a great  and fun story to write. A couple, seemingly unmatched on the surface but perfect for each other. I hope to share it with you soon.


  1. Wow is an understatement! You have such a fantastic voice, Kaily. Pay Up's release can't come soon enough (several puns not intended ;)). To all your success and more!

  2. Big yay for second book. The excerpt is fabulous Kaily :) congrats, congrats, congrats!

  3. Good grief woman! Now I have to know exactly how good the guy is! (wiping brow and adding Pay Up to a growing list of TBR)

  4. Kaily, I looooove friends to lovers stories and that excerpt was great! Think I'm gonna have to check out that story when its released. Yep, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it. ;-)

  5. FABULOUS excerpt, a "MUST BUY" now!!!! So excited for you.

  6. Congratulations, Kaily. Awesome excerpt. :)

  7. Thanks, Rula. Your comments mean a lot!
    Lacey, thank you.
    Darah, thanks for stopping by! Trust me. He's GOOD :).
    Jackie, I'd never written a friends to lovers story before. It has so many more possibilities. I might have to do another one at some stage.
    Christine, glad you liked it!
    Shelley, thanks so much. Hope you're feeling better!!

  8. Congrats, Kaily! Yum! Is it October yet? LOL

    I love friends to lovers! My CP has joked I should make a career out of writing them, I love them so much. :) Can't wait to read yours!