Thursday, August 26, 2010

RWA 2010. I promised pictures...

The RWA 2010 conference seems so long ago now, but I love to go back and look at the pictures. It was an amazing event, so rich in offerings, so diverse in attendees and so much FUN! Just like Nationals in DC last year, I took so much away from this event. It's inspirational fuel to get me through the next year, that's for sure. I didn't take a ton of photos like I know others did. I tend to get lost in experiencing the moment before I think to capture it on my camera, but I'd like to share a few of the memorable ones!

The literacy signing. Even though I attended it last year, it still blew me away. So many authors. So much talent! So few dollars to buy all those fabulous books :). The room was enormous. It's awe inspiring to see so many of our genre all together! I volunteered for the event helping with the exit procedures and water duty for the signing authors. Sigh... Perhaps I'll be in the room next year and someone will be bringing ME water?

Old friends. For those that attended. Nora's (Roberts of course) keynote, it was funny and thought provoking and bluntly honest, like I think she probably is. She talked about the early conferences where she made those special connections with colleagues that have lasted a lifetime. Last year I had that experience with Rula Sinara. We just clicked and stayed in touch over the course of the year. This conference was a great excuse for us to get caught up in person and we had a ball! I think we scrubbed up quite nicely! I'm on the right!!

Famous authors. I have to admit I love to catch glimpses of my favorite authors and I go to their sessions if I can. I've loved Linda Howard for a long time and I'm sure I've read every book she's ever written. Her writing and style has evolved tremendously, but the core understanding of the mechanism of the man - woman developing relationship always intrigues me. She did a very funny and educational session about the 12 stages of intimacy. I usually like to do my 'groupie thing' from afar, but when she announced at the end that she was retiring from public speaking, I knew I may not get another chance. I love this shot. She is so beautiful and she smelled so darned GOOD!

Professional connections. It was wonderful to meet some of the folks from Ellora's Cave. There's nothing that can really take the place of that person-to-person connection and I got to meet EC's Editor in Chief, Kelli Collins and the Publisher, Raelene Gorlinksy. Both smart, insightful women. Here they are in action (L to R) at the EC Spotlight. 

Fabulous parties. The Rita and Golden Heart awards ceremony is such a fun event. It was a formal sit down dinner run much like the Oscars. At least it had that vibe about it. Very exciting for those nominated and those dreaming that one day they might be. It was great to see everyone looking so magnificent and it was an awesome way to wrap up the conference!

I really can't wait for next year. New York, here we come!!


  1. Great pics, Kaily! I had such a great time catching up with you, my friend. Your picture with Linda Howard is priceless. I still remember her keynote speech from the 2009 RWA convention.

    I'm placing bets that I'll be serving you water at the next literacy autographing!

  2. Thanks for the pics! Your dress was totally divine! Seriously! It looked like peaches and cream perfection. (why am I always thinking of food?!)

    How exciting to meet some of your favorite authors! LOL Rula can bring the water next year. The year after, it will be bringing you both water. ;)

  3. You look lovely, both you and Rula! Great pics!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great photos, Kaily. The conference is always such a wonderful experience. I have conference envy...

  5. Hey Rula, I don't know about that, but I'm working hard on it!
    Sarah, thanks! I've had that dress for a few years now. I don't think it will ever go out of style. It was exciting meeting Linda. Now that I've broken the ice with one, I wish I'd jumped in at other opportunities.
    Thanks Christine!
    Shelley, yeah the conference is tremendous on so many different fronts. It seems I look forward to the next one all year.