Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Got Cover...and a teaser excerpt

Hopefully, you've noticed by now, but I wanted to highlight the cover for my upcoming book, PAY UP. Man, those are some abs :). This is my first 'custom' cover as such and fits the hero, Rio so well. He's a hot, ripped firefighter with everything going on, you know? Sigh...  Below I've included the blurb and a short teaser excerpt from the book. ENJOY!


Neighbor. Friend. Lover.

At least that’s what Carly Wagner wanted Rio Reyes to be. She’d settled for two out of three for almost a year and it just wasn’t enough. Not anymore. When Rio proposes a shockingly sexual bet, she knows it’s out of character and he’s not really serious, yet she can’t resist. The pay off could be finally getting her hands on the gorgeous firefighter she’s drooled over since she moved in next door.

The timing had never seemed right for him and Carly, but that hadn’t stopped Rio from imagining wild and wicked things about her. It had been a joke—sort of, but Rio’s shocked when she takes him up on the dumbass bet. Now he’s in a world of hurt, because regardless of who wins, he might be crossing a line he never thought he would and jeopardize a friendship that means more to him than anything.

Warning; excerpt contains a very pissed off heroine :).

    Carly shoved the ice cream carton she still held in her hands back into the freezer and slammed the door, wincing when it opened slightly again before finally closing. No way. No way. She wouldn’t be a fucking stereotype, sitting home alone on a Friday night shoveling vanilla bean ice-cream down her throat and fantasizing about something that was completely out of her reach. So, she got dumped by her boyfriend today. Greg had actually dumped her. So what? It wasn’t even that she was hurt all that much, but the jerk hadn’t had the decency to give her an adequate reason. He hadn’t even had the decency to do it in person and she didn’t need an audible reminder that she didn’t have anyone to have wild monkey sex with. That the guy she did want to have sex with was giving it to someone else.

    So yeah, she was mad. Good and mad. Because she’d had doubts about Greg for weeks, maybe months and she should have been the one to end things. Because she’d never actually had any sex that would qualify as “wild monkey sex”. Ever. Instead, she’d let things slide with Greg, thinking perhaps a less than perfect boyfriend was better than being alone. Because then what would she do? Drool and fantasize about Rio, that’s what. And what do you know? It’d been less than four hours and she knew she’d been right. It sucked.

The book releases on October 15 and I'm so excited! I absolutely loved writing this book.


  1. I've already told you how awesome that cover is, but consider it 'said' again :). How could anyone read that blurb and excerpt and not be itching to by Pay Up? Especially after Picture This proved what a talented writer you are. Fantastic hook. I've got Oct. 15 highlighted on my calendar. You go girl!

  2. Ooh, that's an awesome cover. Very nice. Great snippet from your book too. :)

  3. Yum! I love the cover and the excerpt only whetted my appetite for more! Yay, Kaily! :)

  4. Now that is one HOT cover, my friend!

  5. Fantastic cover, Kaily! Super hawt. Love that excerpt as well. I will be adding it to my must buy list.

  6. That's a cover and a half! It sounds great Kaily :)

  7. what a great looking cover..sounds good also. susan L.

  8. Thanks, Rula. Your support is always amazing.
    Shelley, yeah...niiiice LOL.
    Cari, yep. 'Yum' covers it pretty well.
    Helen, it always helps to have a hot cover, right?
    Jackie, I appreciate that.
    Lacey, thanks so much!
    LOL Robin. A great way to put it.
    Susan, thanks for stopping by!

  9. Woo hoo! I think you've ruined my keyboard... talk about cut! I'm with Cari. YUM.

    I love the concept for this story and I'm looking forward to reading it!