Friday, September 17, 2010

Another first...

This is probably one of the most exciting and definitely the most fun first I've had so far! I'm one of the contributors on a new group blog called Passionate Reads! We've had it up for awhile - getting it established, ironing out the 'kinks' :) and figuring out the logistics of how we'll run it. The group of authors are a wonderful and amazingly diverse group. They're all so supportive and encouraging and so very, very talented. At the moment, we all share the same very awesome editor, Grace Bradley from Ellora's Cave.

We have a number of exciting features on the blog:
SexyScope - this is a sexy horoscope for those adventuress enough to take a peek!
Cook Naked - I know what you're thinking, but get your mind out of the gutter! This segment is authors and their characters chating and cooking unencumbered, without rules or restrictions. Is there any other way?
Character Q&A - where we interview the sassy kick-ass heroines and to die for heroes, from our very own books.

We'll also be regularly guest blogging, posting excerpts and book news and doing interviews. We may also have a surprise guest here and there.

We're kicking off the blog officially this Sunday the 19th on the Ellora's Cave Chat Yahoo Group from 12:00 - 3:00 pm EST. Yeah, you'll have to join, but if you're not already on this loop, you should be. It can be risque, sometimes thought provoking and educational and always a bunch of FUN.

So, what are we doing to celebrate and get this baby going? We're having the chat party, doing interviews, we're giving away prizes and books AND we're running a pitch contest to EC editor, Grace Bradley!! Grace is actively acquiring new authors and we'd love to be able to help her find more talented writers for her 'stable'. Come by and check out the blog, keep an eye on it and come by the chat on Sunday for all the details!!


  1. Sounds amazing! Love all the ideas. I also love the fire fighter cover you have for Pay Up. Hot!

  2. Sounds like fun. I'll try and stop by. Oops, maybe not. That's in the wee hours of the morning for me. Have a blast!