Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why I Love Forums

I never thought I would. I really didn't think I'd click with this whole social networking 'thing' either. I come from the IT industry, but social networking? Please! Not for me, I thought. I started my blog last year as a kind of experiment. I wanted to see if I could actually get into the routine and discipline needed to maintain the thing. I wanted to see if I could come up with anything remotely interesting to say, because, what would I actually write about and who would care anyway? I wanted to see if it was something I'd have to force myself to do. Well, surprise, surprise! I found I actually enjoy it. Who would have thought? I give it to myself as a reward if I meet a certain goal for the day. In addition to blogging, I've discovered forums. Of course, I always knew they were there, but I thought 'what benefit could I really get from them'? I'm fairly self sufficient after all. They have an obvious educational value, a support value, a networking value, and a promotional value. They have all that, but the thing I love most about them? They're BLIND. I don't necessarily mean the annonymity of them, although that's part of it. I mean they're blind to social status, geographic location, cultural differences, economic situation and age. People come together with common interests, desires, dreams and aspirations and - connect. OK, maybe I'm kind of late to this party, but better to finally arrive than never get there at all, right?


  1. Kaily - I like forums and belong to Coffee Time plus Romance Divas. I visit once or twice a week. Coffee Time has a free seminar on wolves and werewolf folklore that starts today so I'm off to educate myself. :)

  2. Oh, Shelley, I need to go check that seminar out! I like forums too, Kaily.

  3. HI Kaily!

    I haven't ventured into the forum scene, yet. lol I've finally mastered Face book!

    The seminar Shelley mentioned does sound tasty. What forums are you in, Kaily?

  4. I think you are on the right track. I'm not too into the fourms yet. But Coffee Time has great stuff.

  5. I'm not involved in too many forums, mainly because of time. But I'd like to explore more of them this year...

  6. I hang out at eharlequin and Romance Divas. Two very, very different forums but each with such great information and wonderful, supportive people!
    Shelley - I'll have to check out Coffee Time. I think I looked at it once. I was intimidated, but I don't do 'intimidated' anymore :)
    Helen - would love to know which ones you frequent!
    Sarah - if you're not in it, BEWARE. Serious time suck if you let it.
    Kaye - if I join Coffee Time I might see you there.
    Cari - I'm with you. You're supposed to be writing. I'm supposed to be writing right now. Like I said, I use it as a reward to myself though.