Friday, February 19, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

If you could eavesdrop on a conversation between Cinderella and the Prince, what do you think they would be talking about? I thought I would get my chance to find out when I came across one of my 4 year old daughters playing pretend with her Disney figures. The Prince had muttered something I couldn't make out to Cinderella. And what would you think would be an appropriate response from Cinderella? Well, according to my 4 year old it was, "Are you shitting me?" LOL Did I mention she's only 4?  Mmm, wonder where she got that from?


  1. LOL, Kaily! At least she has the right idea...Cinderella transformed into a modern day alpha, I-don't-take-shit-from-anyone heroine! As for the language, it gets worse when they start school. Call it extracurricular language studies!

  2. Lol!! That's hilarious, Kaily! I love what comes out of their mouths sometimes. My 4yo informed me just before Christmas last year that it would be Christmas soon and then we'd be dead. To this day I have no idea why Christmas and being dead should be related. :-)

  3. Ha! Too funny, Kaily!!

    My daughter is 4, too, and boy does she let them rip-- naughty words, that is! lol First day of preschool, I pick her and we're getting into the car. I guess she's listened to my hubby's comments when we're loading up, because she hollers out, "Open the damn door!"

    I didn't believe what I'd heard and then she did it again! Um, yeah . . . did I mention my daughter goes to a private school?! Everyone in town knows everyone and here is my girl hollering at me like her father!! Sheesh! I was embarassed!!!

    When I told hubs he laughed! Dratted man! I told him it's what he gets for being too cheap to get me a keyless entry clicker. Yeah, my van didn't come with a beeper. So, you see why my pretty little girl cusses like an impatient man? LOL

  4. That's perfect. Can't wait until my own starts talking, but well...maybe I can ;)

  5. I wonder where she could possibly get that kind of talk, LOL!

    My nephew, being around the same age, had to have a shot recently for strep throat. His reaction, "That hurt like hell!"

    Out of the mouths of babes our words flow...!

  6. LOL - It would be hard not to laugh hearing that. I wonder what the Prince said to warrant that reply?

  7. That's hilarious, Kaily! Kids are so cute. :)

  8. I think our four year olds are related. LOL She sounds adorable.

  9. Rula - Yeah, this Cinderella wasn't taking crap from the prince. When hubby calmly explained that she'd said a 'not very nice' word and shouldn't use it, she turned around, and in an exaggerated whisper (not any less loud than how she normally speaks) said to the prince again 'I said, are you shitting me?'. It must have been some comment :)
    Jackie - mine told me the other day, when I turned 100, I'd DIE. Nice.
    Sarah - yeah, I figure mine will end up with a mouth like a sailor! She told me this morning 'I was a poo-poo head.' Much more age appropriate cursing!
    Hetal - you're in for a treat, let me tell you!
    Kaye - yeah, I have no idea where she might have heard language such as that. LOL.
    Shelley - I asked her a few times what the Prince had said. She wouldn't tell me. Must have been bad!
    Cari - I keep saying I have to write all these things down. There's a least one of these funnies every day! Certainly makes for entertaining times.
    Lynne - maybe! Although that's a scary thought. She already has an identical sister. To think there might be another one out there somewhere ... shudder ...

  10. Talk about a different take on a Cinderella theme! I can just hear that line as a novel opener when Cinderella finds out it's nearing midnight.

    My oldest son, Chris, was 11 when my second, Nick, was born. By the time he started talking he couldn't say Chris very well, it came out Kiss so he called him brother. At first Chris thought it was cute but one day he had friends in and he said, "Why do you call me brother? My name is Chris."

    Nick looked at him slightly puzzled and hurt then came out with, "Okay, Shithead."

    It got such a laugh that it stuck and we had a hard time breaking him of that habit to be sure!
    Lorraine (subcare)