Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I don't like Romance

The word, that is. I decided it yesterday as I was combing through the 3 PAGES of options I’ve come up with for my tagline (but that’s a whole other problem). Maybe it’s just me, and the connotations the word has for ME, but it sounds so … old fashioned, I guess. I can’t even bring myself to describe what I write as ‘romance’ if anyone asks me. It doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ what I write. Yes, I write stories that have a couple working through an emotional journey and finding a need and love together that neither of them expected or even knew existed. And yes, they have some wild, monkey sex along the way as they figure it all out. But it's no hearts and flowers and music and holding hands, and - you get the picture. Maybe it’s simply that the word seems too tame to describe what and how I write. My work has very modern themes and language and is steamy to say the least. ‘Romance’ just doesn’t cut it. Anyone else with me or am I way out in left field on my own on this one??


  1. Well, you could call it erotica... or... you could just say, it's Kaily romance. I mean, does it have to have a name? Sometiems I read stuff and I think, gee, this is hot, but it's not romantic, but the author firmly believes it is romantic. Its all up for interpretation.

    Then again, you could just say, this is MY WRITING. That sums it up. It's what you write and unique. And I rather like what you write... got my interest.

  2. Romance does have a hearts and flower connotation, doesn't it? Erotica isn't quite right either in my opinion. I really like EC's Romantica, which is trademarked. Maybe you need something like "Modern Themes with Steam!"

  3. I guess the conotation can also depend on the context in which the word is used. For eg. 'Romance from the heart' vs 'Steamy Romance'. Maybe you could use the word 'love' and mix it with a word that's more sexy or modern. Remember 'Love American Style'? You could use your own take on that and play with words.

  4. I know exactly what you mean, Kaily. Romance doesn't seem...edgy enough for what we write. I agree with Shelley... EC's Romantica is a good term. It's so tough to find a tag that covers everything. Mine certainly doesn't cover everything I write - not all my stories end with love, though usually the characters are headed there.

    Hope you find something that works for you!

  5. Hi Wendy - well, I'd like to try and condense it into a tagline. You know, so people could read it and get a sense of what I write. I like 'Kaily romance' though. Has a nice ring to it :).
    Shelley - yes, I like Romantica as well. Pity someone thought of it first! Modern Themes with Steam. I like it!
    Rula - it's funny you mention context. I was reading an article yesterday that actually used the word 'romance' to refer to something that was an illusion. As if anything romantic would not be real. You've given me some ideas (and another half page of options)!
    Cari - yes, it's not edgy enough! Exactly! I think we're kinda in the same boat. Regardless, I'll have something next week and it will likely not cover everything I write now or in the future.