Thursday, February 4, 2010

To query or not to query?

That's the question. I thought come the beginning of 2010, I'd start querying agents. But should I? Is now the right time? I know with the current publisher targets I have (Harlequin & epubs) I don't really need one, but I'm of the belief that an agent can still be beneficial in these situations and I'd like to eventually move into single title (probably a long way down the line of course). I have a full ms currently in the request queue at Harlequin. I pitched and got a full request on my own. I have a novella currently submitted to an epub and I'm waiting to hear on that. I have another full ms that I'm not exactly sure where it fits or what to do with it right now. In looking at all the agent guidelines for submission, it seems they really want to see a particular project pitched V an author and their potential. So, perhaps now really isn't the right time. Maybe I should complete another full ms before considering it so that I have a specific body of work to present that's not submitted anywhere? Maybe I should wait until I hear from Harlequin? Maybe I should still send a general query? I'm currently just rolling this goal from month to month not sure what to do with it now. Should I query now? Or not?


  1. Hi Kaily,

    I wish I had advice for you, but it's such a personal decision. An agent is a valuable partner in this crazy business. Is it necessary to have a backlog of work before you query? That I can answer from experience. I don't think so. Agent responses take as long or longer than publisher response. Keep writing while you're querying and you will have a backlog!

  2. Lynne's right. Everyone sees it differently, I think. I'm waiting until I have a ST book completed before I query agents, because the stuff I'm close to completing now is either for epubs or Blaze. Good luck with your search!

  3. Lynne - yeah, I've heard it's harder to get an agent than a publisher!
    Cari - I think we're targeting similar things. perhaps it's a matter of reaching out to them when/if you get the call in terms of Harlequin. I agree that you really need one if you have a ST to pitch!! Good luck with that!

  4. Hi Kaily!

    I hope you get it all figured out. *wink wink* Preferably about the time I'll need advice! LOL

    I wish you luck and best wishes no matter what you decide. Either way, you've accomplished a lot and have tons to be proud of! :)