Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm struggling with ... too much sex

Who would have thought? I've stripped my book down and it really is a bit too much. I went through a recent Blaze novel last night and tried to calculate the 'amount' of sex in the thing. Kinda harder to do than I thought but it was enough to conclude that I better strip, scale back, or simplify a couple of my scenes. God forbid I bore any reader with too much sex! My scenes are hot (at least I think they are) and there are things that are revealed about the characters throughout these scenes (it's not just sex for the sake of it), but I think for a couple of them I should come up with another way to demonstrate them.

So, how do you 'de-sex' a story?


  1. Yep, I know your pain. My second Blaze is way too Blazing, which is part of why I'm rewriting it from scratch. The last scene's basically straight out of an erotic novel - without the three dollar words, LOL - which I couldn't even see until my CP alerted me to that fact. If you see that issue and are already correcting it, you're way ahead of the game.

    Oh, and I love the title "Wet Abandon." ;)

  2. Too much sex?? Most struggle with not enough! Good post, Kaily. I saw your comment on Cari's blog and thought I'd stop by.

  3. LOL Kaily, I can honestly say I've never had that problem. My editor is usually telling me to beef it up. Er, no pun intended. ; )

    Good luck. : )