Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I set myself up for more torture!

OK, torture is probably too strong a word. Taking the feedback from the 2 recent contests (where it made sense) and comments from the one person (apart from judges) who has ever read ANY of my work (yes, it was a real, live person), I revised my manuscript slightly and (deep breath) entered it into another contest. I entered the Linda Howard Award of Excellence. I know I won't win. I would be completely and totally blown away if I even finalled because it required I entered the first 25 pages ONLY. There's something else I've realized through this contest experience; there are professional contest 'enterers' out there who customized their entry to the contest. Duh! Maybe I was niave about this, but I'm interested in a critique on the writing of my actual manuscript. I didn't want to change it to end it right at (magically) page 25 on a great hook. Mine was in the middle of a scene. I would have to have done some major rearranging. I adjusted the formatting as best I could so that it ended at a logic point, but come on. I'm out to improve my writing not collect contest acolades, but that's just me.

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