Sunday, October 4, 2009

Authors are people too...

So far on my (relatively short) road to publication I have had the opportunity to meet and communicate electronically with, a number of published authors. A couple of them have been on the best seller lists and I have to say I have been surprised and amazed each time. These women have been incredibly responsive, very engaged, truly interested and positively encouraging. To a lowly aspiring author such as myself! I'm not sure there is another industry where the successful professionals so caringly encourage, mentor and facilitate the success of those trying to break in. It continues to astound me!

I would be interested to know if anyone else has had similar experiences?


  1. Yes, I have. Michelle Rowen is actually the first author I really connected with online...she's been nothing but wonderful whenever I've asked questions. She was also the subject my first author interview, and I'm a fan of hers for life.

    Hopefully when our day comes, Kaily, we'll be able to give back too. ;)

  2. Yes! I hope I'll be as gracious and as patient as those that have shown those qualities to me. But Cari, you're on your way!!