Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP it Wednesday

So, I got distracted from finishing my lastest novella, PIN DOWN by a story that just wouldn't let go. The characters hammered at me until I just had to write it. They were driving me crazy, especially him. You see, Rex had waited long enough and I wanted to see him have his chance with Lanie. Finally. The story is about secret crushes, regrets and finally taking a risk, even if it all might come crashing down. It's only a short story and I'm in the final stages of editing, but thought I would share a snippet today.

Warning, it's R-rated and kinda hot. I think you'll know what he's referring to ;).

     His eyelids flickered, his jaw flexed. He grabbed her hand and walked backwards towards the bed, almost as if he couldn’t bear to take his eyes off her.
     “Lanie two. Rex zero," he drawled. "I think it’s time we evened things out, don’t you?”
     Oh God. Yes.
     Rex was her go to fantasy. Always had been. His was the image she called up when she needed to send herself over, the hands she thought about stroking her, tormenting her, the body she dreamed of fucking her, hard and fast when she needed it most. And the arms she imagined holding her at night when she just needed warm and strong.
     And she was going to get everything, all of that and more, right now.


  1. Oh yeah! Hurry up and finish this so we can read the entire story! :) lol