Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I should probably get out more often...

I went to my local Romance Writers of America (RWA) chapter meeting last Saturday. It had been awhile and a heck of a lot longer than I'd realized since I'd last attended a Florida Romance Writers get together. During the school year, it's difficult for me to make it to these gatherings, but it helps to know these wonderful folks are out there, willing and ready to support one of their own. At least for me that's huge!

It was a great agenda. There was a panel with multi-published authors and we could ask anytthing. Well, almost anything :). In attendance were Allison Chase (Penguin/Signet), Bonnie Vanak (Harlequin), Cindi Thomason (Kensington/Harlequin), Marcia King-Gamble (Kensington/St. Martin/Harlequin) and Linda Conrad (Harlequin) - left to right in the picture below.

OMG, can you imagine the collective experience and knowledge contained on this panel? They took questions from the group and answered with frankness, honesty and with a goal to help others navigate the mine field that is the publishing industry today. It was totally awesome ladies!!

I also had a wonderful surprise. I was given a gorgeous art glass art in recognition of my first sale last year. President, Kristin joked that at the last meeting I attended I announced my sale and then they didn't see me for another 9 months! I was writing, okay LOL?? Besides, it was probably more like 12. Isn't it just absolutely beautiful? Of course, if I'd known there was going to be presents involved, I might have been at a meeting WAY sooner!

It's just another one of those things that feeds the soul of the writer and gets the inspiration roaring and singing!


  1. It's beautiful...congrats! :)


  2. Oh, wow! It's really beautiful keepsake, Kaily. Congrats!

  3. Amber, I was blown away and completely surprised. It was such a nice reaffirmation that I should get to the meetings more often :).

    Thanks, Rula. They are a great bunch!