Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It just occured to me ::bangs head on desk::

I've yet to give away any copies of PAY UP. Sheesh, how did that happen? Anyway, in an effort to rectify it, I'll be giving away 3 copies of PAY UP through Sunday at 8:00 pm EST. Comment here and tell me the most memorable thing your significant other ever did for you and I'll select 3 people randomly and announce on Sunday night. It could be something sweet, sexy, funny, thoughtful, cool or maybe just plain weird. Anything as long as it was memorable LOL! If you comment more than once, I'll add an entry for each comment.

And here's some brief new excerpts from the book I haven't shared before.

*** The first is pretty self-explanatory.

    What did he sleep in anyway? He didn’t seem the pajama type. She quickly grabbed a pair of sweatpants, a t-shirt and opened and closed a couple of drawers until she found his underwear.

     Oh God.
     They were all black, snug boxer-style briefs. Every single pair. She laughed. Not a lot of imagination, but hey, he so didn’t need any window dressing. They had to look incredible on him, so why would he mess with perfection, right?

*** This one features an exasperated Rio, trying to come to terms with his attraction for Carly. He's very much a guy--a guy who's been trying to ignore the thoughts and feelings he's had for Carly for a long time. And it's not working out so well for him anymore. ENJOY!

     He should be shot. Carly was his friend, for fuck’s sake. She trusted him and here he was…ogling her body, imagining what he’d like to do with it and generally acting like a damn pervert. Jesus, she had a boyfriend. The guy was a prick, but still, Carly was with someone else. Someone who had the right to touch her, sleep with her, do whatever the hell he wanted to her, whenever the hell he wanted. And that someone wasn’t him. That was just reality and he needed to get with the program, because now he was fucking women because he was horny and they were available rather than being generally interested in them, and that made him feel like an asshole. He’d never been like that. He didn’t know what he was going to do about this fixation he’d developed, but he knew he had to do something. And fast.

For a longer, more comprehensive excerpt, go here.


  1. When my father passed away in February of '09, my boyfriend Victor, took off work for three days and stayed with me every minute. He never once said that my dad was in a better place or anything else as trite as that. He told me he knew it hurt but that my dad was where he wanted to be. That now he could always see me and watch over me, no matter where I was. At Dad's funeral, we were a pall- bearer short, so Victor took that place. I told him he didn't have to do that, but he said, " It's the least I can do for the man who gave me you." To me, that difficult time showed what Victor was really made of and how much he loves me. There is nobody else like him in the world.

  2. the most important thing my significant other did for me was decide that we were NOT getting back together and stopped avoiding the process server so he could sing the papers

    Now that was the a relief....

  3. Aw, Beth your comment really choked me up. He sounds like a keeper for sure and a true 'hero' in every sense of the word.

    Chele, well that would certainly qualify as memorable :).

  4. Aw Beth's story is lovely. I'm drawing a blank. Quite possibly because if I'm given a regular supply of chocolate I'm happy ;)

  5. my story was memorable, but i would not say my life has not been all that bad...i married & divorced young but met pretty terrific guys since then, but i always got to a point where i felt i was "raising" them as well as my 3 beautiful children. I am a take charge nurturer by nature i guess...and still always looking for my equal or someone to take care of me, mostly since my kids are growing up and heading out on their on adventures...I am sure i have a great story of someone doing something great for me its just easier to remember the life changing memorable one 18 years ago...but like Lacey chocolate (and a good book) always tend to keep me Happy :)

  6. Hello, Kaily.
    I would say helping to run my business when the manager quit on short notice. That was ten years ago, and the man is still hanging in there. I don't worry about him quitting without notice! :)

  7. Oh wow my soul mate married me and from there all the memories have been amazing but it all started with I do. January will be our 30th and we still fight like cats and dogs from time to time but we never go to bed mad.

  8. When my grandmother passed away, it was winter and the service took place about 3 states away. We then went went in the spring to have her buried and my husband was so wonderful about picking the right flowers and making sure that they were placed on the coffin. They were her favorite calla lilies. I have never been more proud of him.

  9. JoanneR
    It always makes a tragic situation better to have someone standing with you who loves you and can hold your hand or hold you up.

  10. Loving me without reservation, and being a father (at the time) to two little girls and treating them as his own. That takes a heck of a guy and a lot of love and devotion. (And the fact that he still loves all of us over 12 years later is pretty cool too!)

    It's funny though, if you ask about gifts, my favorite would be the year that he baked me chocolate chip cookies. That meant more than the jewelery and fancy eletronics.

  11. He surprised me for our 31 st wedding anniversary. On his own, he went shopping and bought me a diamond ring. I have never had a diamond of any kind in all our years of not only marriage but also in our 41 years of knowing each other. He remembered that I once said. I never had a diamond. So he went, shopped, bought a ring and kept it a secret until our anniversary. it was worth waiting over 41 years for.

  12. Mine not only took me one my dream trip to Paris, France (for 2 whole weeks!) but he let me plan the whole trip. Where to stay; all the places I always dreamed of visiting; spend as long as I wanted at historical site, art display, or shopping; pick dinner almost every night (even if just close to hotel because I had worn us out that day)...Even lazy day wasted doing nothing because tired. (Yes, wasted a day in Paris w/o him complaining!) Dream trip completely under my control with no complaints!
    I must have filled the digital camera every day too :D It was perfect!

  13. You said we could post more than once, so here goes...
    My hubby does this often....I am a type one diabetic. Health is fairly ok, but still takes some help. Like when my sugar levels go low, he has to stop whatever he is doing and get me something to eat or juice. Even when he is asleep! He has NEVER complained about this! Ever!

    And a few years back, I went through a bad case of depression partly due to the diabeties. He put up with all of the problems and did everything asked to help. Some of which was not pretty or easy.

    I don't work and still have bad days. That man not only provides for me, makes sure I am taken care of health wise, but still LOVES me! There are days I get tired of putting up with all that goes with ME, so I don't know how he does it!

    Maybe we need a prize for these wonderful guys here?

  14. So this is best thing my ex the DB ever did for He decided after 6 year of marriage that he wanted to date other people, so we divorced, but then I moved and met the most wonderful man my husband and had three great kids. Thank you to the Ex!


  15. It sounds like we've all be blessed with winners!

    Probably one of the most memorable gestures is a gift he gave me when we got engaged--he'd kept a journal of the time we were dating up until that time, and it's still a gift I treasure. He isn't always the most outwardly expressive person, but the fact that he took the time to articulate his thoughts and feelings for me so concretely made him even more of a keeper ;)

    And yes, Vicky, I agree that these guys deserve a prize! ;)

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  16. The most memorable thing my husband did and still does is treat me like a real person and loves and respects me. Asks for my opinion even though he doesn't always take it. He's the most strong willed person I know but he does all these things and it makes it memorable for me!

  17. My Victor is absolutely awesome. He can make me feel better when I'm having a "fat" day simply by telling me I look exactly the same to him as I did the day we met, he can keep me from losing my temper by telling me that I'm to beautiful to be that angry. He puts a lot of thought and attention into our relationship, even when I don't.

  18. Wow, there's some awesome stories here. I'm feeling...inspired! :) Keep me coming!!

  19. My hubby does a lot of memorable things for of which is painting my toenails. He's not terribly romantic, but it's the little things that count... ;-)