Friday, October 15, 2010

RomantiCon, a Book Signing and a new Release, OH MY!

OK, I have a LOT to pack into this post. First off, I can now officially say I'm a multi-published author. PAY UP released today! Big sigh of relief. Of course, I'll be waiting for those first impressions of the book, so I'm still nervous, but I'm SO excited it's out there today.

The last week has just been a whirlwind of awesomeness. I attended RomantiCon 2010 in Ohio and had the BEST time. When I tried to think about why the event was so great, it's because it was well rounded. There was something for everyone. It had amazing opportunities to meet authors and readers. I'm not much of a social butterfly or a mingler, but I met and talked to a LOT of people at this conference. Everyone was so friendly and approachable. I met Ellora's Cave founder and many of the staff who were wonderful and worked so hard organizing and managing this event. It had interesting and informative workshops. The social events were amazing and just SO MUCH FUN, I can't even tell you. There was a book signing, which was awesome. It was special because it was my first but it would have been exactly what I would have wished for if I could have scripted it out myself! And there were the Cavemen. OMG! Not only are these guys absolutely beautiful to look at, they're great guys. They attend most of the events, provide entertainment ::fanning myself remembering:: and mingled and danced with attendees. They really are such great sports. They posed for photo after photo without complaint.

SO, you wanna see some photos?

I got an award!! I was given a 2010 Rising Star award at the dinner on Saturday night. I was SO surprised and SO psyched 'cause it meant another photo op with all the Cavemen!

Nara Malone, me and Marilyn Campbell
Nara Malone, Marilyn Campbell and I all share an editor at Ellora's Cave and we all picked up an award that night!  How cool was THAT?

And of course, all the winners got to pose with the models. Sigh...

Me & Grace Bradley
One of the highlights for me was hanging out with my editor. It's amazing what you share with someone you've never met in person. I haven't figured out if getting to know her better will help with that or not, but she's not only talented, she's a really great person! Grace, I think the next drink was on me :).

I lost count of the number of authors I already knew by reading their work or seeing them on the social network scene.
THE Jaid Black
I have to say I did have several 'fan-girl' moments at the conference. Not all are captured on film, but those that are, are pretty special!  I had an opportunity to meet THE Jaid Black. She started it all - Ellora's Cave, the erotic romance wave and a new book publishing model! 

Me & Desiree Holt

Desiree Holt! She went out of her way to send me a wonderful message when she read PICTURE THIS. I'm still blown away that she read and liked my book!

Helen Hardt & I
Helen Hardt! I've known Helen a long time from the internet. She's always been generous and friendly and she's even nicer in person. AND she looks so YOUNG! We sat next to each other at the author meet and greet as well.

I signed at my very first book signing and it couldn't have been a more positive experience. Well, I guess if I'd sold a hundred books, that might have topped it LOL. I sat between the fabulous Helen Hardt and Francesca Hawley. I signed and sold my books, I chatted to readers and even had people stop by who had already read my book. My very first autograph was so special, I took her picture. Thanks, Sheila. Hopefully, I didn't weird her out too much! You'll forever be my first!

What can I say? These guys are drop dead gorgeous and the nicest and most gracious guys you'll ever meet. It's a deadly combination, let me tell you! I watched them pose happily for photo after photo with attendees and dance up a storm with everyone on the dance floor. I had a chance to pose with them in costume for our Friday night Roaring 20s party

and snapped as many pics as I could get while we partied. They're not bad dancers either. In fact, they're awesome. I'll be thinking of them...fondly for months to come I have no doubt LOL!!



ALL of them! Sigh... 

Oh yeah, I have a book out today! PAY UP released from Ellora's Cave and I can now refer to myself as a MULTI-published author. I'm so excited for this story because I really connected with the hero in this one. Rio (God, just the name is hot), is protective and respectful of women, but that doesn't detract from his mega-alphaness. Actually, it just amps it up even more.


Neighbor. Friend. Lover.

At least that’s what Carly Wagner wanted Rio Reyes to be. She’d settled for two out of three for almost a year and it just wasn’t enough. Not anymore. When Rio proposes a shockingly sexual bet, she knows it’s out of character and he’s not really serious, yet she can’t resist. The pay off could be finally getting her hands on the gorgeous firefighter she’s drooled over since she moved in next door.

The timing had never seemed right for him and Carly, but that hadn’t stopped Rio from imagining wild and wicked things about her. It had been a joke—sort of, but Rio’s shocked when she takes him up on the dumbass bet. Now he’s in a world of hurt, because regardless of who wins, he might be crossing a line he never thought he would and jeopardize a friendship that means more to him than anything.



  1. So glad you came to the convention!! And hey, in that group shot...does Brooks have his braids tied under his chin?!? LOL! Silly Cavemen...


  2. Even if I drink 'cute girlie drinks' LOL? Thanks, Kelli! I really had a blast. And you know...I think he does have his braids tied under his chin. You got a magnifying glass?

  3. Wonderful picks, Kaily! I loved hearing about your experience. You think these guys work out just a wee bit? Geesh! Those abs!

    WTG girl! That award is going to look perfect by your computer! The first of many, I predict.

    I've said it already, but I can't say it enough, CONGRATS on Pay Up's release! You've outdone yourself my friend. I loved it!

  4. Great Photos, pity you can't take at least one of the cave men home... but by the sheer size of them, hiding them in a closet might not be a viable option. :0)

  5. Thanks, Rula! So glad you liked it.

    Hi Angela! I'm sure there wasn't a woman there who didn't think about taking one of those guys home. They really are beautiful.

  6. JUST finished Pay Up, and LOVEDDD IT! LOVED RIO! Fabulous job.

  7. It was so much fun hanging out with you, Kaily. RomantiCon is such a great event, and I know I'll see you there next year :)

  8. Kaily hon, you're great for my ego -- and you looked fabulous all weekend as well! It was such a pleasure to meet you, and I can't wait to see you again next year :).

    Happy release day! See you Monday at my blog.

  9. Hey, Christine! Aw thanks. I'm glad you liked it ::blushing now::.

    Good to see you here, Helen! Likewise and I'll see you on Monday where I give the deets on Rio Reyes, PAY UPs hero. Sigh...

  10. Kaily! It was so great to meet you! I look forward to seeing you again next year. Congrats on your new release!

  11. Awesome photos, Kaily. It was fun visiting the conference virtually :) Maybe one year I'll get there.

    Many congrats on your new release and multi-pub status.

  12. Anny, it was great meeting you as well. Thanks so much!
    Shelley, would love to hang out with you!

  13. Pay Up was an awesome read, and thanks for the FB kudos :-) I don't believe in giving false praise, this was really one of the best books I've read in quite a while and I'm looking forward to your next release.

    Wish I could have made it to RomantiCon!

  14. Dreama, that was you? That was YOU? Thank YOU so much for the awesome feedback. I'm so glad you liked the book and so tickled you left that comment. It really made my laugh to myself throughout that day every time I thought about it. If you enjoyed PAY UP, I think you'll like my next book, PLAY ME. Perhaps next year at RomantiCon?