Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm up on Amazon and...a teaser excerpt from my WIP

I noticed over the weekend my latest book, PAY UP was up on Amazon! WOW. For me, it's the closest thing I can imagine it would be like to see my physical book sitting on a shelf at a book store (or at Target, whatever - I'm not fussy :)). I'm not exactly sure why I get so excited seeing my books out on these sites. Perhaps it's because they're sharing virtual shelf space with best selling authors, authors and books I read. Perhaps because I know it means it's that much more accessible to readers. Perhaps because it's just another form of validation on this path to becoming a successful author. Regardless of the's just way cool! I'm on Amazon!

In between looking at my covers on 3rd party book sellers ;), I thought I'd provide an update on my WIP. PLAY ME is coming along nicely and should be finished any day now. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. Gabe is an hot alpha hero, enough to make any society princess take notice, but things aren't always what they seem. It's a story about chance and what can happen when two people on completely different paths find themselves thrust together. Will they continue on as before or...just go for it? I thought I would share a snippet from the page I'm currently working on:

    “Show me your vibrator.”
    Lily was pretty sure she’d passed the point of being able to pretend any kind of worldly sophistication, but she thought she’d give it one more shot just the same.
    “Um…what makes you think I even have one?”
    He smiled. It was wicked and full of knowledge.
    Yeah, that was probably a fail.


  1. LOL! Seven lines and you had me grinning. You can add witty and spunky to your voice description. Now hurry up and finish the book! That teaser wasn't fair.

    Amazon! As my kids would say...That's beast!

  2. Hey Rula, glad it made you smile. I've never heard that expression before...

    Dreama, I'm working on it! Hope to have the book finished this week, but keep coming up with things to add to it.

    Thanks, Helen.

  3. Hi Kaily,

    I found you from Shelly Munro's blog.

    I'm ok with animals in romances as long as the author does a good job incorporating them into the character's life/story. They can bring character's together, introduce a plot, add humor etc. Having animals wont detract from the story, in fact I think it can make the story more realistic. However, if having a pet in your story doesnt feel right to you then its probably not the best opportunity. I trust your judgement.

  4. Hi Cindy! Thanks for stopping by. I think I made the right choice with Buddy for PAY UP. Perhaps it'll work in another story. The idea wheels are churning...