Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Famous

Yes, my tongue is firmly in my cheek, but it was such an awesome surprise to browse through the June edition of the RWR magazine and see my name! I got a jolt like an electric shock when I saw it. I'd kind of forgotten about the competition and hadn't been thinking along the lines of announcements. I always like to scan the contest results to see if there are any familiar names. On page 66 of the magazine it lists my third place in the 2010 Linda Howard Award of Excellence contest for my manuscript, Love's Fugitive!! Now, Love's Fugitive doesn't have a home yet, but it probably needs a revision pass. At least one. I've learned so much since I wrote it, but I still love the characters and the story so it won't be shelved forever. Congrats to all the winners! I also received some great feedback from the judges from this contest and would recommend it to anyone if you're thinking of entering. It's still scary to see my name out there. Guess, I'll have to get used to it LOL.


  1. Yay, Kaily! Very cool. My June RWR didn't come in the mail yet, but I'll go check out the online version. Yes, LOL, you'd better get used to seeing your name in print;) You have a great voice and people will be hooked once Picture This is out. WTG girl!

  2. Huge congratulations, Kaily! My RWR came today so I'm off to check out your name in lights. :)

  3. Rula, LAcey, Cari, Jackie and Kaye, thanks so much. It was kind of a double squee because it was seeing my name in the mag AND being reminded about my best contest performance to date. Made my week, that's for sure :).