Friday, May 28, 2010

So, um yeah...promotion

I really thought as I'd been writing that I was also spending productive time researching the fascinating world of marketing and promotion when it comes to the publishing industry. I really thought I had a pretty good idea of some of the things I'd do, those I definitely wouldn't and what activities could have the biggest return for outlay (whether that be $ or time). Huh! It's a confusing jungle of options out there that can quickly and easily suck your time till there's nothing left, not to mention your wallet. So, I've spent the last several days sorting through these things and trying to pick some quality outlets until my head is about to explode. My characters from my next book are DEMANDING that I pay attention to them instead. I try to placate them with some words here and there, but they are not happy! And when I'm not writing? I'm not either. So, I have some things in the works which I'll post about soon, but if anyone has some tips for effective marketing that doesn't cost anything and requires minimal time? I'm all ears!

To kick things off on the promotion front and in an effort to have people get to know me, I'm over at Love Romances Cafe participating in an all day Ellora's Cave author chat. This will be my first time doing anything like this! Ah, 2010. It should be renamed 'Kaily's year of firsts'.


  1. Have a great time at the author chat Kaily. Looking forward to hearing what other promotions you've chosen.

  2. Love that cover! Have I said that already? ;-)
    As to idea I'm afraid. Blogs are good though, sounds like you've got that covered.

  3. Hope you had fun at the chat. I love the tagline too :)

  4. Lacey, the author chat was a lot of fun. Still finalizing some promotional things, but will post about it soon! Thanks on the tagline. I'm still not 100% happy with it, but it suits for now!
    Helo, GladisSe!
    Jackie, thanks. can't complain too much about a ripped male torso!
    Rula, thank you!