Friday, June 18, 2010

I have a website...

OK, Let me do some expectation management first! I created it one night in a bit of a panic. My release date is looming and all I'd done to date was reserve a domain and get up a 'coming soon' page. I established the blog first and thought the site was probably secondary. At the time, anyway. I suddenly had the horrific thought that someone might buy my book, look for a website (rather than my blog), and be horrified by how unprofessional I am. Or lazy. Or clueless! All bad. SO, I created something basic for now. I plan to extend it and provide some more substance after release day, promotion and the two other books I have due over the next two months! I'd still be interested in any feedback, though, so check it out!!


  1. I know I said it before, but it really looks great! I can't believe you put it together so quickly. Talent, I say. Talent. :)

  2. Your new web site looks great (and I'm so looking forward to "Picture This")! Well done...I'll add a link on my site to yours if you'd like (I have a "links" page). :-)

  3. Love it, Kaily! I'm doing mine through the same place and almost picked the same template. I haven't gotten mine up yet...I'm a compulsive fiddler, LOL. I'm thinking just as you were - I'll get this basic page up and worry about expanding later. Exactly my philosophy. And I think yours looks great!

    Hope you're having a terrific vacation! :)

  4. great website! wow if you did that fast imagine what you would have done if you had more time :)

  5. Looks great so far! And I love the cover for Picture This! !!

  6. Kaily, your website looks great. I have a release on the same day as you - not at EC though :)

  7. Great website. I love the colors! Let me know if you need another place to stop on your blog tour, I'd love to have you. : D

  8. Thanks, Rula!
    Hi Jamie and I'm looking forward to guest blogging with you! A link would be awesome.
    Cari, another similarity? Don't fiddle too long. Looking forward to seeing yours.
    Kerrin, I hope to spend more time sometime soon!
    Thanks so much, Kaye and Rebecca.
    Shelley, congrats! I know I'll be 'talking' to you before then, but best for your release day.
    Lynne, yep. Love pink. All kinds. I'd love to stop by your blog!!