Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Note to self - Murphy's Law!

Well, my entry in the Golden Heart 2010 is in and I am so done with it! Well, that's not exactly true. I find it hard to let go of a story once I've completed it and I like to think about what happens after that last scene. Anyway, I left it to the last minute to send it. I tried telling myself (and I told hubby) I was going to take the maximum possible time I could to ensure it was perfect. Was it perfect? NO! Of course not. It never would be because I have two BIG weaknesses - I tend to procrastinate and I'm a perfectionist. Put them together and it's a pretty big challenge because I'm never done! Plus, I usually plan for contingencies, but this time I figured, what could go wrong? Try a urinary tract infection for my daughter, a throat infection for me, a school trip for my son we had to get ready for, a busted coffee maker, holiday decorations the kids DEMANDED we do over the weekend, a hard drive that crashed, and a broken Wii remote (the biggest disaster of all!). It meant down to the wire stress, late nights and lots of hair pulling - but you know what? I love, love, love that! I love feeling the pressure of a pending deadline and am fascinated by the 'do what it takes' stuff I produce then. Yeah, I know, it's been said before. I'm sick that way.

So, it's in the mail. I'll still be a little nervous till the tracking number tells me it was delivered, but I plan to just push it to the back of my mind and forget all about it. Now, I have numerous characters in my head demanding that they be next. How to choose??


  1. Boy, sounds like hard work getting it there. Good luck with it!

  2. Congratulations on getting it in the mail! Yay.

  3. I have those two problems too - I procrastinate and I'm a perfectionist. The second leads to the first because we know we can't be perfect, but we still try.

    Congrats on getting both entries out! I'll have my fingers crossed for you times two on the call day in March!

  4. Jackie & Lynne thanks for the best wishes. I now know it was deliveryed so breathing a big sigh of. Maybe I can get some reading done now!

    Cari, YES!! That's why I procrastinate - it's never good enough - which is why I still haven't sent the Blaze back. I've given myself till the end of next week and it'll go regardless!