Monday, August 20, 2012

1 Week & Counting...

So...this is where it gets exciting. It's one week out from my new release on August 27 and there's equal amounts of excitement and anxiety. It's always exciting to see a new book move out into the public arena. I write for readers after all, so this is the culmination of that work, the achievement of that ultimate goal, but for me, it's a beginning as well. Kind of like a birth. Plus, I get to hear what people really think of the book :).

There are also a few firsts to celebrate. This is the first paranormal romance I've written. I've always loved the genre as a reader and it seemed natural to move into it as a writer. I figured I would get there eventually. Also, it's the first series I've written. RISE OF HOPE is book 1 of my Fabric of Fate series. It was interesting to experience the differences of developing not just a single book story arc, but a series arc as well. RISE OF HOPE is the first of a 5-book series. The story overall revolves around a secret, ancient race of humans on the brink of extinction and their fight to survive and I play with the role that fate plays in all of this. I also had some fun coming up with a series tag line:

TheVadïm...will fate alone determine their future or can they carve out their own destiny?


A secret ancient race of humans with fantastical abilities, the Vadïm are on the brink of extinction. Many of their women are imprisoned by an organization known as The Assembly, their history all but lost...
Devon Monroe has been a prisoner her entire life. She's determined to make sense of the strange markings on her body, to learn why no one may touch her, to find where she belongs. That means escaping into the unknown, where she has no choice but to trust her self-appointed protector.
Soldier-for-hire Seth Eastman has a job to do: deliver Devon to safety. When Seth discovers the markings on Devon's body, he's stunned at what they mean. And at how she awakens his long-suppressed needs. As they struggle to escape detection and search for the truth of the Vadïm, can he ever hope to claim her for his own?

Stay tuned this week as I share excerpts from the book throughout the week!

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