Monday, May 16, 2011

What promo stuff do you like??

Does anybody see May? I've searched everywhere. Did anybody see where it went? I can't believe half the month is already gone which means I need to get my act together and figure out what promo items I'll be offering at RWA Nationals in NY at the end of June. Honestly, this is a stressful decision. I want something to showcase myself well, but for it to be an item that's useful and wanted. Needless to say, I want to make sure my investment in this is a wise one. I don't think it translates to sales, but it is a way for an author to get their name in front of potential readers and industry professionals. It needs to be interesting and eye catching, something useful and something that's not too expensive.

So...what things do you like to pick up at events/conferences? What catches your eye? What do you wish authors would offer more of? What things do you actually keep and use? What things do you hate? Yeah...I need some HELP!

Blogger has been having some issues lately so I haven't posted over the last week. I THINK it's all better so we'll be getting back to the regularly scheduled programming now!


  1. Hey Kaily! I'm one for things with a practical use. I love good quality pens (as common as they are). You could give it a twist by going with a different colored ink (red like lipstick? Or highlighters?). I have a magnetic dry erase board in my office, so magnets work for me. I also recently heard about folks having jar grips. You could print 'Play Me, Twist Me any way you want me...' like the 'bend me' song, LOL. I'm sure you'll come up with something great!

  2. My all time favorite was the USB disco ball I got from a vendor at a conference a few years ago. Worst was the bird statue...from an educational technology conference.

    I like the pens best, particularly if there's something different about them. Find a plume pen or something that symbolizes who you are and what you do. No bird statues.