Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIP it Wednesday

I thought I'd do something a little different this time. Since I'm working on two WIPs at once, I thought I'd share a snippet from each of them LOL.

The first is from my book, tentatively titled PIN DOWN and it's coming along really well. I'm hoping to wrap it up really soon.

     A guy like Nash? He was probably used to women falling all over him, telling him how good looking he was, talking about how hard his muscles were, how hot he was and she’d be damned if she’d fall into that same groove. Even if she was thinking all of those things and more.

The second is from my 'secret project'. I started writing a paranormal story! This is a first for me, but I don't think it's that far removed from what I've already written. The hero is still mega alpha, the heroine has a problem only he can fix and it's still set in contemporary times. I think my voice is really suited to that. It is different from a paranormal perspective in that there's not a vampire or werewolf in sight! One of my favorite parts so far:

     He took a deep breath. He went as long as he could between women, until the needs of his body overrode his overpowering need for solitude, for privacy. But he’d needed this time, perhaps more than any of the rest. He’d held himself back with her, just like he always did during sex, always conscious of his size and his incredible strength, but it had been a near thing. He’d left it too damn long this time.
     "I mean it." She licked her lips. "It's been forever since a man has found me attractive, desirable, since a man has just...wanted me, really wanted me and I..."
     Seth clenched his jaw when her voice trailed off. That was all fine and good except...he wasn't exactly a man.



  1. I love them both, but OMG/WOW on your paranormal's last line. Talk about a hook!

  2. Thanks, Rula. I'm having such fun writing that one :).