Friday, April 8, 2011

PLAY ME received a reviewers 'TOP PICK"!

I've gotten great reviews at Night Owl Reviews (NOR) before, but PLAY ME received a TOP PICK from them! It's not just because of the 'score' or even the Top Pick designation, I loved what Chris had to say:

"Guilty Pleasure Alert! This pushed a lot of my happy buttons as a romance goes. Damaged hero, innocent yet seductive heroine. Danger, deception and desperation. Yum."

You can see the complete review here.

I get such a kick out of reading comments about my books, gaining an understanding of how a reader interpreted things, what they took away from it, how the characters or the story made them feel. I could get addicted to that feeling. should I celebrate? I vote for finishing the next one!


  1. Kaily that's fantastic! Must be very gratifying and rewarding to hear from readers, and such great feedback too! What a nice thing to end the week with :)


  2. Get in Kaily! What a fantastic review and I agree with Emma, a lovely way to end the week.

    Michelle x

  3. Thanks, Emma & Michelle! I'm still smiling over this one.