Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I've Learned Skiing this Week

So, I've been in Colorado this week skiing with the kids. They'd never even seen snow before, so it's been very much a special time for them. Surprisingly, they've all taken to skiing so I feel future ski vacations could be in our future *groan*. Unfortunately, there are other things I would prefer to do, but I'm a firm believer in being able to learn something from any situation, so I'd like to share what I've learned this week:
  • Everything somehow looks "magical" covered in snow. Even the dumpster out back of the hotel looks picturesque with a dusting of snow. Of course, I don't have to drive in it or shovel it!
  • Snow really is cold. Now I know why I live in Miami.
  • You really can never have too much chapstick.
  • Skiing is indeed like riding a bike. The problem is, I was never that great at riding a bike :).
  • You will fall. It's just a matter of time. Especially if you strap on a pair of skis.
  • No matter what you do, your hair is going to look like crap anyway, so don't bother.
  • I might be in reasonable shape, but man, I'm really unfit. I hear a new year's resolution coming on...
  • Skiing is like eating crab. It's a lot of effort for not very much pay off, particularly if you don't absolutely love crab.
  • If you look good, you ski better. OK, not really, but you might feel better about having to do it LOL.
  • Skiing is something you have to have a passion for. I'm actually a pretty solid intermediate skier. I even went down a black run yesterday. Of course, hubby tricked me into it. I'm just not driven to it, not like every other person here seems to be.
  • I'd really rather do something else. Like write!


  1. Your list cracked me up, Kaily :). But OMG, a black run? Girl, you can ski! I tried once and barely made it down the bunny slope...and then the beginner's slope...yeh, it wasn't pretty. I think folks would have started clearing out if they saw me go up the lift again, LOL.

    Snow is definitely pretty and pristine...even prettier from a window looking out ;).

  2. Snow is pretty as long as it's in someone else's backyard! :)

    No skiing for me and I'm from New England. Enjoy your trip.

  3. Like Amber, I live too far north and we've had such a winter! But on the other hand, I love to watch people do snow things like ski. Still, that southern sun where you live sounds pretty awesome right about now to me, lol. But I know I'd come back if I were not here, just to visit though. Funny, I just finished talking about the dark predawn days of winter!

  4. Rula, glad I provided some entertainment! Yeah, a black run. Don't assume any skill level from that! I was blindly following my dare-devil, danger seeking, loves to test his limits, alpha hubby. Give me a nice easy green run to practice my technique any day!

    Thanks, Amber!

    Kaye, I am looking forward to some sunny warmth, although it sure is beautiful here today.