Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Now that I've settled..

... back into some semblance of normal, I would like to offer congratulations to the other finalists in the Linda Howard Aware of Excellence! Yeah, seems along with stammering through my notification call and not being able to recall any details of what the lovely woman said, I also completely forgot my manners :)!! It was all ME, ME, ME. But hey, I've never finaled in a contest before, so cut me some slack this one time, OK? I'm at work on my revisions and plan to get it back in their hands by Monday at the lastest (a few days early!!!). Kudos to everyone who entered. I know it takes guts to just get out there. I hope the feedback was constructive and helpful. Best of luck to everyone in the next round!

I also learned yesterday I was given a Kreativ Blogger award. Thank you Cari!! I'd never been given an award for ANYTHING. I was excited, elated, flattered, till I thought 'What the heck is a Kreativ Blogger award?' When I figure it out, I'll let you know LOL. It appears to come with some requirements, so stay tuned for that tomorrow while I mull it over!!!

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  1. Just post seven random things about yourself. I'm not sure I know seven random things about myself, lol. Congrats again on the contest ;).