Sunday, January 24, 2010

How important is 'position' in love scenes?

OK, so I suppose I mean sex scenes. Or love/sex scenes. I tend to put a lot of thought (A LOT) into how and where they 'do it', particularly the 'position'. I mean, is it frenzied and out of control and up against the wall or something tender and sweet and 'I got all night' lovin in a big soft bed? Perhaps it's spur of the moment. Maybe it's a seduction. Possibly they've just met or alternateively they've known each other awhile. Maybe this is the first time they've been together or they could be long term lovers or even friends with benefits. There are endless possibilities and their personalities and prior experience that also comes into play. Should the sex be vanilla, kinky, sweet or playful and how does that translate to 'position'? Or is this not really that important? Is it the emotion and conflict and furtherance of the story for these scenes that is important and the mechanics really secondary? What do you think?


  1. Ask me when I've finished the novella I'm working on now, LOL It involves lots and lots of office sex. ;)

    While I do think mechanics matters, especially for variety's sake and how characters react when they're put in different situations, I think the emotion and conflict are even more important. IMO, a character's struggle to connect to another is best illustrated when the stakes are high, such as during sex.

  2. I'm with Cari on this. While I think the mechanics need to be mentioned, they shouldn't dominate the scene to the extent that the scene becomes more like slot A into tab B. As a reader I like a balanced scene with emotion, mechanics and character struggle and angst.

  3. Ahh Kaily-- what a good idea to ponder. Shelley and Cari are right. And I think, too it depends on who your characters are and what your story/plot is. I like balance with emotion and struggle as well.

  4. HI Kaily!

    Your topic gave me a good giggle or two! Thanks for that! :)

    As a reader, I like balance. Emotion, conflict, and passion. Kind of like a mixed drink- shake it, baby, shake it! lol However, I do think that position can be used as way to highlight the character's conflict or growth. A very austere Duke may not want to reliquish power in the bedroom, but what would it mean if he did? I kind of like seeing that sort of symbolism. Fun topic!! Cyber-high five! Nothing like a good giggle on a Monday!! :)

  5. Personally I like a good balance - as most people have already said. Sensuality is also important too. As for my writing, for HMB there has to be emotion in the love scene otherwise it'll risk being rejected - as I know already! :-)

  6. Cari, agree so strongly about the 'struggle to connect' during sex. I love writing that!

    Shelley, yes, you don't need a sex manual. Emotion has to be key.

    Kaye, yeah it's all about context.

    Sarah, glad I was of some entertainment value :). YES. I love this symbolism too. It's probably why I spend so much time really planning these scenes. I think you can really 'show' more depth in the character and perhaps how they're evolving through the story with interractions with their counterpart!

    Jackie, I agree about the sensuality aspect. That may be more difficult to write. And of course we all know sex/love scenes don't have to even contain actual sex.