Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Romance Writers of America

I just returned from a fabulous conference in Washington D.C.; the annual RWA conference. Joining RWA was one of the first things I did at the end of last year when I committed to this path. I recognized this was THE organization to belong to if I was serious about writing romance (and I intended to put my money where my mouth is). I have attended many conferences (in career 1 of 2) and was impressed with the professionalism of RWA at the event. I met many wonderful authors and aspiring authors and attended many informative and educational sessions. I even pitched to an editor who asked to see a partial manuscript so I am mad at work editing my first 3 chapters to send in! I had such a great time at the event, I wanted to thank the following specifically:
* Jayne Ann Krentz for helping me encapsulate my own core story
* Stephanie Bond for helping me realize that analytical thinkers can be romance writers too
* Angela Knight for reiterating that it has to be more than just hot sex (although I'd take it in a pinch)

I think my primary take away from the event was that there are all these really wonderful women out there who genuinely care about the books they pour their hearts and soul into and the readers that eagerly await their next work. I can only hope to be as gracious as they are.

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