Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP It Wednesday

Yeah, I know, I've neglected my blog a bit over the past month and I STILL have to get up a post about the time I had at RomantiCon. It was awesome by the way :). But I've been writing. A lot. So that's all good, right? AND I made it through Halloween without eating too much of the candy myself. Now to just throw out a bit each day without the kids actually noticing. Wish me luck on that one!

Hopefully, the books I've been working on will be worth the wait. The one I just typed 'the end' on today (Yay!!!!) is probably the book I've most enjoyed writing to date. It's got the requisite alpha hero and the strong, but vulnerable heroine, but it overlays a more involved and detailed plot. I'm really excited about it. The below snippet comes from that book (warning, it's a bit naughty!). Did I mention it's book 1 in what I hope will be a 5 book series? No? Well, this would be my first series and I've had a blast working on the overall story arc. Each book has it's own hero & heroine, but there's a broader story unfolding with a little bit revealed in each book along the way. Book 1 is Seth & Devon's story. He's rough and rugged, rude and crude, but by the end of the story he'd do anything, sacrifce anything, for Devon. And he very nearly does. Sigh... ENJOY!


“Touch it. Feel it,” he rasped, when her wide eyes dropped to his cock. “Be sure this is what you want inside you.”
She swallowed, wet her lips. He could be easy on her, but she needed to be sure. He needed to know she was sure. He jerked at the contact when she clasped him gently, softly. It was an effort just to keep his eyes from rolling back in his head. The pressure wasn’t nearly hard enough, not the way he liked it, but it didn’t matter, his knees just about buckled with the pleasure all the same.
“I just want you inside me, Seth,” she whispered, raising her gaze to his. “You, with your....."

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  1. Oooooh, I want to read more now!!!! :)

    Amber Skyze