Friday, October 7, 2011

So...who wants Romance Trading Cards?

I went ahead and got Romance Trading Cards done for my first three books. They're a fun thing to have at conferences and just to hand out to people. Although a lot of authors do bookmarks, I can't help think that most people probably have no use for them anymore. You know, future generations probably won't even be able to relate to them at all! The trading cards were also really great fun to have made. I got to pick and choose the content and I loved coming up with the line of dialogue on each of them. Warning: one of them has a bad word, a very bad word LOL. I posted pictures of these (front and back) on a prior post and have them up on my albums on Facebook if you'd like to take a book, but I have one for each of Picture This, Pay Up and Play Me.

If you'd like one (or all), just send me an email letting me know at kaily at kailyhart dot com with your address and I'll send them out to you. Oh and indicate whether you'd like them signed or not :).


  1. I have never heard of that idea for book promation. Sounds more fun than a bookmark. :)

  2. Cool idea, Kaily. By the way, I bet RomantiCon was a blast! I hated to miss it this year. I have a new blog, Come visit! I loved doing Helen's Heroes, but decided it was time to branch out a little.

  3. Catherine, isn't it an awesome idea? It was started earlier this year and there are probably hundreds of romance authors with trading cards by now. I've seen readers with huge binders at conferences clearly collecting them. There are standards published for them so it ensures consistency with them. Really, really cool!

    Julie, no problem :)!

    Hi Helen, I followed your new blog! So glad to be in touch again. Yeah, RomantiCon was awesome and I'll be posting pics over the weekend. I missed my signing buddy!

  4. I sent you an email requesting some, I think they are an awesome idea :) anyway, just wanted to make sure you did receive my request...