Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP it Wednesday

I'm finally, finally getting back into my WIP. In the end I decided it's Nash & Lexi up first. This story is almost there and I'm going to be excited to finish it. I really love the heroine I've created in Lexi because she's a little different to the other heroines I've written. Lexi's had a rough upbringing. It's made her tough and somewhat cynical, but in many ways still very vulnerable, particularly to her own feelings when she's exeperiencing things she never has before or never thought she would. And Nash? Well, he's as alpha as they come and as unprepared as Lexi emotionally for what she makes him feel. He didn't think there was a woman out there with that kind of power or that he'd ever allow it. But he does and a whole lot more. Here's a little taste of their second meeting. Sparks anyone? ENJOY!

     Lexi swallowed. Okay, that had her imagination running overtime. Her wild, out of control, under-sexed, dirty imagination. Jeez, the guy could move, she had to give him that. He had a way of shifting his body with an economy of movement that might give the impression of laid back, but she knew better. He moved precisely and with purpose. And he was lightening fast.
     “I had it under control.” She muttered.
     “Yeah? Looked like you were taking care of it from where I was.”
     She took in a deep breath. The oaf had taken her unawares grabbing her like that and her heart was still pounding a mile a minute. And she wasn’t talking about the oaf laid out moaning on the floor.
     “Do I look like a damsel in distress? I didn’t need to be rescued, so—”
     “Like I said, that’s not what it looked like. In fact, I’d go so far as saying it looked like you needed some help.”
     “You think this makes up for you being an asshole earlier?”
     He probably expected she’d be all over him in gratitude. Yeah, like that’d ever happen. She didn’t do simpering well.
     He leaned down closer to her and frowned. He pointed to the figure rolling onto his side on the floor. “That guy had you trapped in a booth. You didn’t want to be there. I took care of it. Nothing more, nothing less. A polite thank you could have done it.”
     Polite? Coming from him? That was rich.

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