Monday, November 2, 2009

My love hate relationship with .... caffeine

I've been so good for so long. In fact, at 1 time and on 3 separate occasions I've weaned myself off coffee altogether. It doesn't last for long of course. Finally accepting reality, I restricted myself to 1 cup of coffee a day for years. It was a good one though; a large premium capuccino with stiff foam and just the right sprinkling of chocolate on top. Divine! Then I started writing seriously last year. A diet soda a day snuck into the mix and I don't even really like soda. A couple of months ago it had inched to two without me really noticing it (although having to haul out the recycling bin with so many cans was a bit of a wake up call I can tell you). Today, I had a second cup of coffee after lunch! I was horrified but it was SO good. I think it's pretty safe to say I'm all the way seriously addicted again BUT I had an unbelievably productive day with my revisions. Should I really be worried?

What do you need to get you through your (writing) day?


  1. I won't even say how much coffee I drink. It varies, but it's a rare day I don't have at least one extra large...and sometimes I have more than that. There are worse addictions, I figure (like my current one to Kit Kats, LOL)

  2. I love coffee too. I don't even worry about how much I drink. (Bad, I know) I usually have a couple of cups in the morning. But if I do drink afternoon coffee I most of the time get a half caf. Well at least it's better than full! It is true, if I drink full caf at night, my sleep is not good. I agree that Caf helps me focus better at least for several hours.