Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OMG, Lori Foster sent me an email!!

You all know who Lori Foster is, right? I sent an email out of the blue based on something she had posted on her site. She wrote back in 40 minutes!! I mentioned of course I was an aspiring writer and tried to ensure I sounded like I was serious (because I am Goddamn it)! I have been reading Lori Foster for a couple of years now and love her books. I saw her at the 2009 RWA conference. Although being at the conference demystified these women somewhat for me, she seemed amazing, gracious, friendly and so inspiring. To think she would take the time to respond to my response, in a timely manner and offer wonderful words of encouragement was so heartwarming. I was doing a final read through of the first 3 chapters of a manuscript requested by an editor and having many second thoughts about what a piece of shit it was when her email came back. It brought my confidence crashing back. I finished my review, printed it out and will send it off tomorrow. I included a portion of the email below:

"Don’t ever get discouraged – just remember that most successful authors were in your shoes at one point – determined and very new. LOL


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